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Billings Red Dot Sights are especially designed with Compact design, light weight and Parallax free which offer convenient use. So they are mainly used for air rifle, rifle, pistol and crossbow etc.The superior optics ensures high shooting accuracy. Premium crystal lenses are fully coated with 27-layered inner coating which helps increase light transmittance to get a clear and bright dot. For the intensity adjustment of dot brightness, there are 2 types: one type with 12 positions of red dot from 0-11; another type with 6 positions for both red and green illumination. With Parallax free design and unlimited eye relief, there’s no need to adjust the parallax. Users can get the target directly and quickly by the clear and bright dot.The rugged construction ensures many years’ service. Red dots sights are made of aircraft-grade nitrogen purged aluminum alloy. The anti-scratch matte black scope body is sealed with O-rings. All these offer users shockproof, waterproof and fog proof functions which allow sights to perform under a wide range of conditions.


Ring Mounts are designed specifically to hold the scope firmly in position. They are made of high grade aluminum for different bases.Many different ring mounts are available for choices either with 2 screws or 4 screws on the top:Rings mounts for 1” and 30mm diameter tube scopeHigh, medium and low height rings to accommodate larger, medium and smaller objective scopesRing mounts for weaver bases and .22 or air gun bases.Features:1) Machined from high grade aluminum anodized for many years’ service.2) Internal cushion tap prevents marking and damage.

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Sunshades Overview

Sunshades are engineered and built to reduce glare and cut down internal reflections when shooting in bright conditions like sunshine, over snow or over water. Sunshades are also beneficial for removing the unwanted reflections from the objective lens to make the firearms more covert when in a hunting situation.

2 Types sunshades are offered: Kill flash Honeycomb sunshade and Conventional sunshade. The former is a fraction of the length of standard sunshades.

We can offer you various sunshades for different objective lens diameters like 40mm, 42mm, 44mm and 50mm etc. for choices.

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