Excellent educational background.

10+ years experience on production and production management.

Advanced production concept.

Familiar with systems of ISO9001, ISO14001 & ISO45001.

Pay high attention to the stability of product quality, reducing environmental load, safty production, reducing cost and improving efficiency.
Qian Qingqiu, Production Department Supervisor
Head of the branch factory.

Veteran of Billings, worked for Billings since 2000.

Rich experience on riflescope and red dot sight production management.

Familiar with scope structure, technological requirement, quality control.

Accurate evaluation of employees' abilities and reasonable arrangement of manufacture.
Wang, Director of Billings Optics LG. branch
200+ workers, 60% worked in Billings for over 15 years.
Rich experience, skilled and enthusiasm
Sustainable and efficient completion of production tasks, careful and responsible for each product 
Orientation and training regularly
Mature technology method, clear operation guidance,
Head and experts of the production line solving problems in time

  • 200 +
    We have 200 + workers with many years of working experience
  • 15 +
    60% of workers have worked at billings for more than 15 years​​​​​​​
  • 10 +
    10+ years’ experience for all team members​​​​​​​
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