BII 6-24×50 SF BII 6-24×50 SF
BII 6-24×50 SF BII 6-24×50 SF


BII 6-24×50 SF

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Name: BII 6-24×50 SF
Number: 023
Views : 74

Big Hawk II (BII) Side Focus Scopes Overview

Big Hawk II (BII) side focus scopes have a good reputation in Optical System and rugged construction.

The distinguished optical feature of BII scopes is Durable Adjustable Side Focus, which allows parallax focusing adjustment from 10 YDS to infinity only by fine tune of side focus knob. The small and fine operation action of “Side Focus” operation action is in favor of shooter’s hide. Tactical advantage is more obvious. The use of Fully coated lenses with Multi-layer Broad Band Anti-reflective Coatings are beneficial to increase light transmittance to get maximum clarity. Fast focus eyebell is beneficial for users to focus their personal eye characteristics easily. Reliable fingertip (1/4” or 1/8”) W/E turrets provide users with smooth and precise Windage / Elevation adjustments.

BII scopes have rugged mechanical designs and superior erector system. The single-tube scope body is made from Aircraft grade Nitrogen Purged aluminum alloy sealed with O-ring which assure waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. This also extremely enlarges the range of using conditions. Anti-scratch matte black surface treatments preventing surface scratch and reflection are in favor of scopes’ maintenance and shooter’s better hide.

Meanwhile, Dual Illuminated Glass Reticle (IGR) in Red & Green is also available for BII scopes. It makes users easily catch visible target in low light and poor contrast environment.

Big Hawk II 30  Side Focus Scopes
Eye reliefLength
BII 6-24X50 SF 6X-24X5025.415.3'-3.8'3.25"14.915YDS-∞Side Focus AO

Features & Benefits:
Durable Side focus AO
Fast focus eyebell
Fully multi-coated crystal lenses
Reliable fingertip W/E turrets
Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy tube
Indestructible 1pc tube and erector system
Shockproof, waterproof and fog proof
Anti-scratch matte black surface treatments
Other functions also available: Dual IGR in Red & Green

Big Hawk II 30  Side Focus Scopes
F.O.V@100ydsEye reliefLength

BII 2-8X40 SF2X-8X4025.446.2'-11.5'3.25"12.510YDS-∞Side Focus AONew
BII 2.5-10X44 SF2.5X-10X4425.436.7'-9.2'3.25"13.410YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 3-12X44 SF3X-12X4425.430.6'-7.7'3.25"13.510YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 4-16X44 SF4X-16X4425.422.9'-5.8'3.25"13.513YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 6-24X44 SF 6X-24X4425.415.3'-3.8'3.25"14.915YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 2.5-10X50 SF2.5X-10X5025.436.7'-9.2'3.25"13.410YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 3-12X50 SF3X-12X5025.430.6'-7.7'3.25"13.510YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 4-16X50 SF4X-16X5025.422.9'-5.8'3.25"13.513YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 5-20X50 SF 5X-20X5025.418.3'-4.6'3.25"13.513YDS-∞Side Focus AONew
Digital IGR in Red & Green
BII 2.5-10X50 SF IGR2.5X-10X5025.436.7'-9.2'3.25"13.410YDS-∞Side Focus AODigital IGR in Red & Green
BII 3-12X50 SF IGR3X-12X5025.430.6'-7.7'3.25"13.510YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 4-16X50 SF IGR4X-16X5025.422.9'-5.8'3.25"13.513YDS-∞Side Focus AO
BII 5-20X50 SF IGR5X-20X5025.418.3'-4.6'3.25"13.513YDS-∞Side Focus AONew
BII 6-24X50 SF IGR6X-24X5025.415.3'-3.8'3.25"14.915YDS-∞Side Focus AO