CI 3-9×40 CI 3-9×40
CI 3-9×40 CI 3-9×40


CI 3-9×40

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Name: CI 3-9×40
Number: 060
Views : 112

Challenger I(CI) Scopes Overview

Billings Challenger I (CI) scopes are designed with the same features of more expensive scopes:
High-grade Nitrogen Purged aluminum alloy scope body sealed with O-ring providing shockproof waterproof, fog proof and precise optical system.
Fully-coated crystal lenses are for good light transmittance to provide good clarity.
1/4” Coin style adjustable W/E turrets ensure reliable adjustments.
Therefore it is a good choice for users who want a good performance scope without costing more than their rifle.

Hawk challenger I  Scopes
ModelPowerOBJ.Lens DIA-MMTube DIA-MMF.O.V@100ydsEye reliefLength(inch)
CI 3-9X403X-9X4025.439'-13'3"12.8

Features & Benefits:
High-grade Nitrogen Purged aluminum alloy scope body sealed with O-ring.
Fully coated crystal lenses
1/4" Coin style W/E adjustments
Shockproof, waterproof and fog proof

Hawk challenger I  Scopes
ModelPowerOBJ.Lens DIA-MMTube DIA-MMF.O.V@100ydsEye reliefLength
CI 1X321X3225.4115'3"10.2
CI 2.5X20 CP2.5X2025.472'6"7.5
CI 4X32 CP4X3225.416'6"8.5
CI 4X324X3225.432'3"12
CI 4X32 AO4X3225.432'3"12.5
CI 4X404X4025.434'3"12.5
CI 6X406X4025.424'3"12.9
CI 3-9X323X-9X3225.439'-13'3"12.5
CI 3-9X32 AO3X-9X3225.439'-13'3"13.1
CI 3-9X40 AO3X-9X4025.439'-13'3"13
CI 3-9X503X-9X5025.441'-15'3"12.75
CI 4-12X404X-12X4025.433'-11'3"14.53
CI 4-12X504X-12X5025.433'-11'3"14.53

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