HIII 4-12×50 IGR
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HIII 4-12×50 IGR HIII 4-12×50 IGR
HIII 4-12×50 IGR HIII 4-12×50 IGR


HIII 4-12×50 IGR

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Name: HIII 4-12×50 IGR
Number: 102
Views : 65

Hawk III Wide Angle (HIII) Scopes Overview

Hawk III Wide Angle (HIII) scopes are mainly featured in High Shooting Accuracy provided by superior optics and Many Years’ Using Life ensured by rugged construction.

Superior wide angle optical system is designed for Extremely Wide Field of View which is 18-25% wider. Fully multi-coated crystal lenses ensure maximum light transmission and exceptional clarity. Incredible bright and sharp target image will build your shooting confidence in poor light condition like at dawn or at dusk.

Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy 1pc tube sealed with O-rings and indestructible construction with scratch-resistant matte black finish ensure shockproof, waterproof, fog proof and reliability during many years’ use.

HIII scopes are also designed with Fast Focus eyebell helping users quickly focus their personal eye characteristics and Reliable fingertip 1/4”W/E Turrets providing smooth, precise Windage / Elevation adjustments.

Besides, Adjustable Objective scopes which allow parallax focusing adjustments from 10YDS to infinity are also available. If you need, illuminated ballistic glass etched reticle will be a good choice for users to get visible target in poor light conditions.

HIII scopes have been proven with superior quality by users from USA, Canada, Japan, and European countries. You can be assured to choose this series of scopes.

Hawk III  WA  Scopes
F.O.V@100ydsEye reliefLength
Side IGR in Red & Green
HIII 4-12X50 IGR4X-12X5025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.5

Features & Benefits:
Extremely wide field of view optical System
Superior lenses fully coated with multi-layer broad band anti-reflective coatings
Indestructible 1pc tube and erector system
Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy scope tube sealed with O-rings
Scratch-resistant matte black finish
Fast focus eyebell
Reliable fingertip 1/4" W/E turrets
Shockproof, waterproof and fog proof

Other functions available:
Front AO Focusing System.
Illuminated ballistic Glass Etched Reticle (IGR) in red & green

Hawk III  WA  Scopes
F.O.V@100ydsEye reliefLength
HIII 3-9X40 3X-9X4025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.0

HIII 3-9X50 3X-9X5025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.1

HIII 4-12X404X-12X4025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.5

HIII 4-12X504X-12X5025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.5

HIII 3-9X40 AO 3X-9X4025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.310YDS-∞Front AO
HIII 3-9X50 AO3X-9X5025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.310YDS-∞Front AO
HIII 4-12X40 AO4X-12X4025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.710YDS-∞Front AO
HIII 4-12X50 AO4X-12X5025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.710YDS-∞Front AO
HIII 4.5-14X50 AO4.5X-14X5025.429.1'-9.7'3.25"13.110YDS-∞Front AONew
HIII 6-18X50 AO6X-18X5025.422.1'-7.3'3.25"14.015YDS-∞Front AONew
HIII 8-24X50 AO8X-24X5025.416.5'-5.5'3.25"14.415YDS-∞Front AONew
Side IGR in Red & Green
HIII 3-9X40 IGR3X-9X4025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.0

HIII 3-9X50 IGR3.5X-10X5025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.1

HIII 4-12X40 IGR4X-12X4025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.5

HIII 3-9X40 AO IGR3X-9X4025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.3

HIII 3-9X50 AO IGR3X-9X5025.444.1'-14.7'3.25"12.3

HIII 4-12X40 AO IGR4X-12X4025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.7

HIII 4-12X50 AO IGR4X-12X5025.432.9'-10.9'3.25"12.7

HIII 4.5-14X50 AO IGR4.5X-14X5025.429.1'-9.7'3.25"13.110YDS-∞Front AONew
HIII 6-18X50 AO IGR6X-18X5025.422.1'-7.3'3.25"14.015YDS-∞Front AONew
HIII 8-24X50 AO IGR8X-24X5025.416.5'-5.5'3.25"14.415YDS-∞Front AONew

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